Damaged Books

Damaged Book Policy
Damaged Books (PDF)

If the book belongs to the Butler Library
If the patron is present, advise him/her of the damage and inform them how much the book will cost to replace. If the patron pays in full he/she has the option to take the book. Look in Polaris to determine the cost.  If the damaged book is in the book drop or left on the circulation desk, discharge it and be certain to note on the patron’s account the replacement cost of the book and note the kind of damage in the note field as well.  Leave the book on a shelf behind the circulation desk. There is no cost for processing.  Charge is equivalent to price noted in Polaris

If the book belongs to another MAIN Library
Do not discharge the book, inform the patron that the book will be sent back to the lending library and they will be in touch regarding replacement costs, fines or other costs incurred related to the book.  Place the book in an envelope (Judy’s office) with a form (Green form on desk) that has all the pertinent information on it.  From this point the book should be treated as any other ILL.  There is no need to call the lending library or engage the patron with possible scenarios regarding cost or replacement.  The lending library will address all those issues. As far as fines go, inform the patron that the date of return is on the damaged item slip and no fines should accrue from that point forward.  Individual libraries in the MAIN system set their own policies.

Lost Book Policy
Lost items
Lost items are charged the library’s full replacement cost if they are in-print and available for purchase. If the item is out-of-print and cannot be obtained by the Library through its regular vendors, a default price is charged based on the particular item type.  To be determined by the Director If the item is located and returned within 3 months of payment, the replacement charge will be refunded.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Materials
For lost Inter-library loan materials, a patron will be charged the replacement cost as determined by the loaning library; the Butler Public Library does not determine this cost.

Patron initiated replacement of lost or damaged library material (For Butler Owned Material)
In order to avoid confusion and error, the library prefers to order the items through its primary vendor. However, the library will accept replacement copies of print materials only (books) from patrons under the following stipulations:

  • The item must be approved by the Director
  • The item must be NEW
  • The item must be identical to the original (use ISBN to ensure match)
  • The item must be in the same format (hardcover/paperback) as the original