Internet and Computer Policy

The Internet offers access to many valuable sources of information.  Users should be mindful that some information may be inaccurate, incomplete, dated, or offensive.  Patrons use the Internet at their own risk.  Library personnel have the authority to end a session when material displayed on the screen is inappropriate or illegal.  Parents or guardians, not the Library or its staff, are responsible for information selected and/or accessed by their children.  

The Butler Public Library’s Internet connection, including the Library’s wi-fi connection,  may not be used for purposes contrary to state or federal laws, or in ways that interfere with or disrupt other users, Library employees, services or equipment.  Activities which are not allowed include, but are not limited to:

Unauthorized access to any network or computer system; causing degradation of system performance; damaging computer equipment or software; violation of copyright laws; uses that cause harm to others or damage to the property of others; uses that compromise the safety and security of minors (under age 17) when using e-mail, chat rooms and other forms of direct electronic communications;  viewing or transmitting threatening, obscene or harassing materials; or displaying graphic pornography which is inappropriate for an open public environment often used by minors.  

Since the Butler Public Library computers are located in public areas and shared by users of varying ages, backgrounds and sensibilities, individuals are asked to consider this when accessing potentially controversial information and images. Accessing material deemed harmful to minors or engaging in any activity that is deliberately offensive or creates an intimidating or hostile environment is prohibited. 

Users should be aware that the Internet is not a secure medium and that third parties may be able to obtain information regarding users’ activities.  The Butler Public Library will not release information on the use of specific Internet resources by members of the public except as required by law or necessary for the proper operation of the Library.

The Library provides free and equitable access to the public computers for all Library patrons.  Before using a computer, patrons must first legibly sign in, using their full name, at the Circulation Desk.  The Library is not responsible for damage to a patron’s media or computer that may occur from using the Library’s computers.  DVDs may not be viewed on the computers.  If requested, the Library will set up its DVD player.   Patrons accessing sites that have audio must use headphones or earbuds.   Earbuds are available for sale at the Circulation Desk.  Only one user at a time is allowed per computer.   No loud talking or other noises that may disturb other computer users or library patrons.  Patrons are free to use Microsoft Office on the computers, but may not download or save files to the computer hard drive.  Flash drives are available for purchase at the Circulation Desk. Patrons must pay for all printouts before they may pick them up. There is no eating or drinking in the computer area.

The Library reserves the right to take appropriate action to insure compliance of this policy.  Any patron whose Internet session is terminated by a library employee who feels aggrieved by such a decision may appeal the decision in writing to the Library Board of Trustees.

Repeated violation of the Butler Public Library Internet and Computer policy could lead to a suspension or ban of the use of the Library’s public computers or a temporary or permanent ban from the Library.