Board of Trustees

Board of Trustee Minutes (Below)
The public is always welcome to attend our monthly meetings throughout the year. The meetings are held in the Reference Room in the Library at 6:00 P.M. on the first Thursday of every month. (see dates below)

Library Board of Trustees
Camille Piccirillo: President
Maryanne Hanisch: Treasurer
Mayor Robert Alviene, ex-officio Trustee
Helene Donargo: Board Trustee
Becky Karpowich: Board Trustee
Nancy Moody: Board Trustee
Superintendent of Schools: Dr. Dan Johnson
Library Director: Luis Rodriguez

Library Board of Trustees Meetings & Minutes: 2020
Minutes February 5, 2020
Minutes March 5, 2020
Minutes April 2, 2020
Minutes May 7, 2020
Minutes June 4, 2020
Minutes July 2, 2020
Minutes August (No Board meeting)
Minutes September 3, 2020
Library Board of Trustees Minutes October 1, 2020
Library Board of Trustees Minutes November 5, 2020
Library Board of Trustees Minutes December 3, 2020

Library Board Minutes: 2019 (Archives)
Library Board Minutes: 2018 (Archives)
Library Board Minutes: 2017 (Archives)
Library Board Minutes: 2016
Library Board Minutes: 2015 (Archives)
Library Board of Minutes: 2014 (Archives)