Read More & Zoom Link: The Art of Crossword Puzzle Construction

Ruth B. Margolin broke into the field of crossword puzzle construction in 2014.  She has had twelve puzzles published in the New York Times, including five Sunday puzzles. In addition, she has had two puzzles in the Wall Street Journal, one in USA Today, and – on a lighter note – she has constructed a puzzle for a commercially available crossword mug and for a college alumni publication.  She was also invited to participate in a national group of women constructors creating a puzzle packet to raise funds for women’s causes.  Ruth has served as an Official at the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament for several years.  In her professional life, Ruth was the director of a variety of educational programs and schools over the past several decades.  She now spends her time involved in intensive volunteer work in the community, and she writes puzzles as a hobby.  With a love of words and an empty nest, Ruth enjoys the creativity of making puzzles, and she gets a kick out of the conversations that result from her unusual response to the inevitable small talk question: “So, what do you do?”